Family Business DNA (Discover New Advice)

Family Business DNA (Discover New Advice)

Businesses succeed for many reasons, but when it comes to family businesses, it's all in the DNA.

Family Business DNA is a free 2 hr brainstorming session facilitated by Harbinson Mulholland. With the benefit of our fresh eyes and ears (and our years of experience working with family firms!) we enable family business owners to:

  • Identify opportunties;

  • Explore solutions; and

  • Ignite ideas

DNA discussions are guided by you and your business needs, personal and commercial goals will be on the table in key areas including:

  • Management and Operations

  • Finance

  • Wealth and Ownership

  • Interpersonal and Intergenerational

Why Harbinson Mulholland?

Quite simply we know family businesses. We have a passion for this sector that is second to none.

Our list of family business clients is diverse and ever growing and includes GPS Colour Graphics, Alpha Group, Heavenly Tasty Organics and many more.

We relish the challenge of helping family firms to maximise financial performance whilst balancing commercial challenges with family obligations.

We are innovative, professional but relaxed in our approach. And trust us, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before when it comes to the highs and lows of being in business with you family!

If you are keen to bounce some ideas off an experienced head get in touch today. We are confident that your two hour free session will be well worth your time.

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