Join The NI Family Business Forum Online Community

Join The NI Family Business Forum Online Community

We have introduced our new online community platform in response to the Covid -19 pandemic. In the 4 years since we founded the NI Family Business Forum, we have found that connecting and engagement was one of the most important features of the forum, at our live events.

While our events programme has had to go on hold, we are confident the new online platform will ensure members have the opportunity to continue to network with each other, share experiences and offer mutual support in an exclusive and private space.

Forum Chair Darren McDowell, Senior Partner at Harbinson Mulholland who founded the Forum said that despite lockdown they were continuing to provide members with guidance on resilience, best practice, continuity planning and adaptation tactics.

“The family business sector represents a resilient bunch of people,” he said. “Our mission is to help them acclimatise to the current environment by offering guidance which will help keep them going through the tough times ahead.

In the coming weeks, more results from our landmark family business survey will be published on the new online community platform, including a unique insight into the employees of family businesses, focusing on their resilience and commitment to family firms in times of crisis.

To access the new platform contact Treena Clarke for a unique link.


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