Jeremy Harbinson

Senior Partner

Area of Expertise

Forensic Accounting, Business Strategy and Development, Training

Professional Qualifications and Experience

  • BSc Econ (Hons)
  • Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
  • Jeremy is a very experienced forensic accountant in over 2000 large cases ranging from Personal Injury to Professional Negligence, Commercial Litigation, Money Laundering and Fraud investigations.
  • He provides ongoing strategic consultancy and mentoring to business leaders, with 3 decades of experience.
  • He is founder and Senior Partner of Harbinson Mulholland having previously been a partner in Price Waterhouse

Professional Activities

Jeremy is a popular speaker at events across Europe, from small training courses, to gala dinners and conferences, with the biggest audience of over 6000 guests.

On a Personal Note

Jeremy’s favourite film is Chariots of Fire as it’s an inspirational example of how people can overcome adversity and strive for greatness. If he wasn’t a forensic accountant, Jeremy would like to be a self-help guru delivering seminars motivating people to reach their highest potential. He’s also been known to sing in front of audiences and gives a great rendition of Johnny B Goode!

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