New Promotions at Harbinson Mulholland

New Promotions at Harbinson Mulholland

As Harbinson Mulholland recently celebrated turning 21, the Partners made a number of promotions across the firm.

We are pleased to announce the promotion of:- 

Joan Rice, Director of Insolvency Services

Nora Tallon, Director of Forensic Services

Steven Carson, Senior Manager, Tax

Olivia Crowshaw, Manager, Audit & Accounts

Jane Fyffe, Manager, Audit & Accounts

David McAteer, Manager, Audit & Accounts

Pamela Belshaw, Assistant Manager, Insolvency

Commenting on the promotions, Darren McDowell Senior Partner said.. 

“As a firm, we have always been fully committed to our people and, in turn, they are fully committed to providing an excellent level of services to our clients.

Our team demonstrate their expertise and knowledge every day and the partners are delighted to announce these promotions as we celebrate 21 years in business, growing from a team of 6 in 1998, to 50 strong in 2019.”

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