Our Next Family Business Event

Our Next Family Business Event

Join us for an evening at the theatre to watch our professional actors portray a real life business and some of the challenges they face as a family run enterprise.

You'll meet Brian, the founder, and father to 3 children all  currently involved in the business with him. You'll also meet the children get an insight into their life working in a family enterprise.

You will have the opportunity to meet other businesses from across NI and enjoy a delicious supper after the performance, on the eve of National Family Business Day



“Crystal Clear or Clear as Mud: How to Manage Communication in Your Family Business”

Scenario 1 – What happens when you child doesn’t share your dream and wants to start a business on his own instead of carrying on the family business. 

Scenario 2 – What do you do when 2 siblings are devoted to their dad and their family business, but their brother just sees it as a job and doesn’t put in the same effort as the rest of us

Scenario 3 – How do you deal with your dad not trusting you to lead? Why did he bring in an external CEO when he fell ill instead of choosing one of his children? 

This business story focuses on a founder and the next generation – but what you’ll learn on the day will be useful across all types of family businesses, and all sizes, large and small.

Key Issues Covered Include

  • Trust
  • Leadership & learning to let go
  • Family Tension
  • Succession
  • Engaging the Next Generation
  • Definition of Roles
  • Definition of Values
  • Generational Conflict
  • Importance of Strategic Planning

To watch a short trailer and to book click here

Please note places are reserved for family businesses only



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