Can your Charity Prove its Worth?

Can your Charity Prove its Worth?
Chariy event - Feb 05

Chariy event - Feb 05

After several high profile charity failures in recent months, the time has come for local charities to prove their worth, following new reporting obligations from the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Given that these reports can be easily accessed by the public, it’s even more crucial than ever that charities can tell their story and illustrate their impact on society. For most, this is uncharted territory so it’s crucial that all those involved in the management and strategic direction of charities have a clear understanding of how best to embrace this new era of reporting.

Three of Northern Ireland’s most recognised experts in the sector recently came together to host a seminar for all those involved in the management of charities and a very clear message was delivered at the event – that the issues of responsibility and reporting lies with ALL Charity Directors and Trustees, not just those involved in the day to day management of the charity.

Offering invaluable information from legal, financial and social impact perspectives, Harbinson Mulholland, Edwards and Co and Gauge NI addressed guests from many local charities on the importance of understanding the new responsibilities, from the annual report to the annual return and how complying with regulations is just the starting point.

Commenting on the area of financial compliance, James Fair, Charities Specialist at Harbinson Mulholland posed a thought provoking question – “Do your accounts tell your story?” There is now a new reporting regime for charities with annual requirements to report on public benefit and achievements. The challenge is to ensure that charities comply with these obligations whilst still delivering their core services – a new and different way of reporting for most.

Podcast: NI Charities - Do your accounts tell your story? James Fair, Harbinson Mulholland
PowerPoint: View Jame's presentation slides (these are the slides to accompany the podcast).
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