Next Gen Network gets off to great start

Next Gen Network gets off to great start

Before this week's main NI Family Business Forum, we launched the first standalone next generation event the 'Next Gen Network'.

The network was established in response to feedback from previous forum events that showed a real demand from those poised to take over the reins of their family business to get together and explore common interests.

The session started with an energetic presentation from Nancy Brown from Ulster University. Nancy’s presentation was entitled ‘Building confidence and Leadership for the Next Generation’ and offered practical tips and advice for the personal development of our future business leaders.

Alan Davidson, Managing Director of Brand Etiquette (part of the Pierce Group) then led a rebranding workshop. This included an insightful case study of the Lynas Foodservice rebrand. Andrew Lynas brought to life the first-hand experience of a family firm navigating the sometimes choppy waters,  of leaving behind a firms ‘traditional’ identity and embracing something new and more relevant to how the business has evolved.

It was a great session and we look forward to more in the future.

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