Family Business Case Study: GPS Colour Graphics

Family Business Case Study: GPS Colour Graphics

GPS talk about their experience of working with Harbinson Mulholland.

GPS Colour Graphics Ltd, was incorporated in 1912 and provides a complete in-house commercial print solution from one copy to one million copies.

Our 24/7 litho print capability, combined with colour digital presses, delivers both flexibility and significant capacity, enabling us to provide a genuinely impressive range of print solutions, tailored to meet individual budgets, marketing strategies, print runs and material requirements. The products offered range from business cards, leaflets, posters and magazines through to multiple page thread sewn books.

GPS remains one of the premier printing companies in Ireland and the UK.  GPS was the first company in the UK to install two Komori Lithrone long perfectors and the fourth company in the world to install an MBO SRA0 folding machine, the fastest of its type.  A second machine followed in 2012.  In January 2013 GPS installed the most advanced perfect/PUR binding machine in the UK and Ireland followed a few months later by the most advanced threadsewing machine in the UK and Ireland.  GPS are the only printing company in able to offer such a diverse range of finishes.

The firm employs 70 people and produces in excess of 86 million items per year.·          

In the last 100 years of trading we’ve witnessed a lot of change. So when the sceptics were busy writing the obituary for an entire industry, we were confident enough to take a different view. “Digital technology will make print redundant” they said. “Believe in the power of print” was our response”

How have Harbinson Mulholland helped your business? What problems did you have before working with us that we helped you solve?

Through our period of sustained growth, Harbinson Mulholland were able to help with business planning and organisation including forecasting cash flows.  They have provided us with effective tax planning by ensuring we maximise tax reliefs and claims.

They have assisted us in putting in place robust accounting processes and controls to allow us to produce more accurate and timely management accounts thereby streamlining our complete accounting functions.

When we made the decision to recruit a company accountant Harbinson Mulholland assisted with the vetting process and sat in on interviews to help us reach the right decision for our company.  We trusted Harbinson Mulholland’s opinion and expertise and together we reached the correct decision. When the accountant decided it was time to move on, again Harbinson Mulholland assisted with the recruitment process and provided a member of staff to work in GPS in the interim to keep on top of our daily accounting functions.

What factors made you to choose us to work with Harbinson Mulholland….

GPS has been the client of a small accountancy firm and a client of one of the big accountancy firms.  The small accountancy firm provided us with a personal, but reactive service and due to continued expansion we outgrew this company.  We felt that we required a large accountancy firm to suit our business needs, but discovered relatively quickly that this was not the right fit.  We felt that we were just a number and not being provided with the service and advice we required.  We required a more personal, proactive service, a partner that understood the needs of our business and the continuity of personnel that we were used to with our original accountant.

After interviewing several accountancy firms we decided that Harbinson Mulholland were the correct size of accountancy firm to service our growing company, would be proactive in assisting in areas we needed them to and could look at our business with fresh eyes.  Trust quickly grew between the two companies.  We believe that Harbinson Mulholland is the right fit for the current size of our business and the company we are aspiring to be.

"Harbinson Mulholland has provided a very personal, professional and efficient service.  They have continuity of personnel which has allowed us to build a sound business relationship with our account manager who understands our business, knows our history and are part of our business financial strategy."

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