Celebrating our Award Winning Tax Advisor

Celebrating our Award Winning Tax Advisor

We are delighted to celebrate the accomplishments of Tax Manager Steven Carson who achieved outstanding results in his Chartered Institute of Taxation exams.

Steven earned two prizes:

  • The Ian Walker Medal – a Chartered Institute of Taxation prize awarded for gaining the highest mark in the awareness paper in the UK in that exam sitting.

  • The Pat Cullinan Memorial Medal – this prize is given to the highest scoring Northern Ireland candidate overall in the Chartered Institute of Taxation exams in the calendar year.

Steven has always been a high achiever. His Taxation results follow on from his CAP2 Chartered Accountants exams where he was also the highest placed candidate in Northern Ireland.

Speaking of his awards Steven said “I am delighted to have received the highest mark in the awareness paper in my chartered tax advisor exams. I would like to thank everyone who has helped with this success including the Partners in the HM Tax Team”.

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